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Hewlett Packard ML350 Server

Hewlett Packard ML350 Server

Adaptable, reliable mainstay for your business. The HP ProLiant ML350 G6 is the best price performance DP Tower server that delivers excellence with performance, expandability and availability. It's a new generation server with more memory capacity and more HDD expandability. It combines the latest Intel® Xeon® processors with QPI technology, best-in-class availability features, and unsurpassed flexibility in a system ideal for growing businesses and especially well suited to meet the needs of remote branch offices.

  • Best up to date system architecture with room to grow: Whether your business supports data and transactions from 5 users to 500, you can count on the ProLiant ML350 G6 to stay up and online with the help of its essential availability features; Redundant power, fans, memory and disk options help ensure that the HP ProLiant ML350 G6 server continues to support your business in the event of a system power, thermal, memory, or disk error; Upgradability for 2nd processor, up to 192GB DDR3 Registered or 24GB DDR3 unbuffered system memory, 16 SFF and 8 LFF HDD for tomorrow's needs; Serial SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) hot plug RAID is standard on the HP ProLiant ML350 G6, making storage more reliable, versatile, and affordable than ever
  • Excellent enterprise class performance at an affordable price: The ProLiant ML350 G6 combines the latest Intel QPI architecture Quad-Core and Dual-Core processor, serial performance I/O and DDR3 memory technology at a price that fits your budgets; Maximize Intel ultimate processor with latest QPI technology and multi-threaded applications for faster execution; DDR3 delivers high-performance with optimized throughput with mirroring, interleave; SAS provides increased performance, simplified cabling up to 8.0 TB of data storage capacity; Advanced RAID 0/1/105/6 protection takes high availability to HDD efficiency; Integrated dual gigabit Ethernet provides increased network throughput and redundancy with efficiency; Tested and certified for virtualization environments to save company IT budget
  • Complete tools and easy of use for system management: Like a trusted business partner, the HP ProLiant ML350 G6 is accessible and easy to work with. The HP ProLiant ML350 G6 along with , Onboard Administrator, ProLiant Essentials software ICE suite makes server installation and management a snap; ProLiant Onboard Administrator is management functionality that simplifies server setup, health monitoring, power and thermal control, and remote administration; ProLiant Onboard Administrator functions without additional software and functionality can be accessed local to the server or remotely via a web browser; SmartStart (included in the ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack shipped with the ML350) gets your server up and running in three easy steps; HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) keeps an eye on your server so that staff members can focus on priority projects. Alerts on system status can be delivered to you on your own terms
  • Adapts to conquer new business opportunities: Clever businesses know that technology is one of the best ways to get a competitive edge. The ProLiant ML350 G6 gives your business infrastructure the runway it needs to get that edge; Processor and memory upgrades support additional users and boost response times; Rack the ProLiant ML350 G5 when physical location needs change; Incorporate tape backup solutions to protect business data; Attach a wide array of external storage and backup devices as data storage needs increase; Virtualization ready to optimize IT investigation