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3MTM MicrotouchTM
M170 LCD Touch Screen

$ 1,397.00 inc GST

Available in both Capacitive and Resistive Models and purpose built to be touched you will find this to be a stable and robust able to put up with commercial applications.

A new Benchmark in Flat Panel Touch Displays

At 3M Touch Systems, we envisioned a touch monitor that would set a new standard of excellence. By combining our current and future touch technologies with a monitor form factor that is a breakthrough in display design, a new benchmark for touch displays has been created. This new design combines patent-pending features with the quality, accuracy and durability of 3M touch screen technology to create an innovative touch display solution. It's what you'd expect from a leader in innovation. It's what you'd expect from 3M.

Designed to be Different

The MicroTouch M170 Touch Monitor from 3M was designed to be different. The result of extensive customer research, innovative industrial design, and years of touch technology expertise, the M170 monitor's unique mechanical and technology features offer premium performance for a wide-range of implementations.

  • Remarkable touch stability provided by multiple, wide attachment points between the base and display, a unique unified strut support system, and a positive locking mechanism on the display angle adjustment.
  • Display angle adjustable within a 95 range.
  • Out-of-the-box wall mountable.
  • Easily secured to wall or countertop by keyhole slots in the sturdy steel baseplate.
  • Peripheral Attachment System - Mount your preferred peripheral device or simultaneously mount multiple peripheral devices.
  • Accepts both analog and DVI input.
  • High quality TFT LCD panel delivers crisp, bright viewing from almost any angle.
    • 400 cd/m brightness
    • 450:1 contrast ratio
    • 160 x 160 viewing cone
  • Cables, connections and power supply are all concealed, and peripheral cables can be concealed as well.
  • Complete multimedia package, lockable on-screen display controls, and full VESA-mounting compliance.

The Right Touch

The MicroTouch M170 touch monitor is offered with a choice of MicroTouch 5-wire resistive technology or MicroTouch ClearTek capacitive touch technology to meet the unique demands of your application.

MicroTouch ClearTek  capacitive touch technology provides accuracy and sensitivity to the user's touch while offering outstanding durability and resistance to contaminants such as dirt, liquids, and harsh chemicals. Our 5-wire resistive technology not only provides contaminant resistance, but is responsive to the touch of stylus as well as fingernails, credit cards, gloved hands and bare fingers.